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Hockey is my life. Detroit Red Wings are my team. Jimmy Howard is my love.
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Here’s a picture where the ranger’s fan and the hab’s fan can bond with. You’re welcome 

So this happened at informal practice on Friday September 5. It was good to see the boys having fun!
Photo by: Shattered Lens Photography 
My hockey tumblr: Stars-Seguin
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  • Me: I'm going to bed. Wake me up when hockey season begins.

Guys I have such a cheesy joke about the Maple Leafs


Must be spring the leafs are out.


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin lays flowers at the Arena-2000, the home venue of Lokomotiv Yaroslav in Yaroslavl on September 10, 2011 during a farewell ceremony. 43 people were killed September 7, 2011 when a Russian jet carrying hockey players of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl to their first match of the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) season crashed on takeoff in the latest blow to the country’s tainted air safety record.

yes i’ll take ten please. X

The six Canadian team logos who missed out on the playoffs reimagined.

1159-2 (by MICHAE L)

Own it.
  • Me: talks about hockey players as if they're personal friends of mine